Developing a Framework for Success in Your Triathlon Swim: Part 1

stroke analysis

It is the time of year when you are probably beginning to prepare in earnest for the upcoming triathlon season. Over the next four weeks, we will be exploring four critical elements to consider as you lay out your swim preparation.

Part 1: Technique, Technique, Technique

Part 2: Pool Vs. Open Water Training

Part 3: Structuring Pool Training Sessions

Part 4: Structuring Open Water Training Sessions

There are many mistakes that athletes make that limit improvement or create unnecessary anxiety surrounding the swim portion of their triathlon. When planning your training sessions, consider the following and develop a framework  that will lead to your success in your triathlon swim.

Technique, Technique, Technique.

One of the common pitfalls we often see when people are preparing for the swim portion of their triathlon is a lack of understanding about the importance of technique. With water being around 700 times more dense than air, it is futile to try and out-train poor form. Think about your swim success much like that of your golf game. Swinging the club improperly more often probably won’t make you much better in the same way that swimming more with poor technique won’t make you much faster. The limiter for most athletes is usually gross errors in body position followed by propulsion (pulling and kicking) errors. Putting a larger propeller on a tugboat won’t make it faster than a craft that is built for speed, so be sure to tackle body position errors first. The good news is that this can be corrected with the help of underwater video analysis and a skilled swimming coach. Early season, especially after a break, is the best time to tackle your technique so you don’t reinforce bad habits while you increase volume and intensity deeper into the season.

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Next week, we will be exploring the perfect ratio of pool vs. open water training for your experience and ability level.

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