Developing a Framework for Success in Your Triathlon Swim: Part 3

training squad

Today we are exploring Part 3 of 4 in our “Developing a Framework for Success in Your Triathlon Swim” series addressing how to structure effective pool training sessions.

Part 1: Technique, Technique, Technique

Part 2: Pool Vs. Open Water Training

Part 3: Structuring Pool Training Sessions

Part 4: Structuring Open Water Training Sessions

Structuring Pool Training Sessions

A common pitfall we see with many triathletes is that they get in and swim a set distance at the same pace for several months and expect improvement. A properly developed training plan will have you working different energy systems with a progressive approach leading up to your “A” race. The time tested way to improve in swimming is through interval training with set repeats at specific speeds corresponding to your individual energy systems or zones.

Below is a an example of a Boost Swimming pace chart we use with all our athletes to design specific and effective training sessions:

sample jpeg pace chart

When choosing a training program or writing your own workouts, you should always be asking the following questions:

  • Does this training session or set have an obvious purpose?
  • Do I have goal times and intervals to hit in order to fulfill the purpose of this session or set?
  • Are my training sessions progressive with an increase in volume, intensity, or density (less rest) over the course of the season?

If you can consistently answer “yes” to all of these questions, you will most likely improve. If the answer to any of these questions is “no”, it is definitely time to re-evaluate your plan.

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